Emergency & Dockside Services provided. From Key West to PSL!


Volvo Penta Specialist

Full Engine Services on Gas or Diesel (In Boards), IPS Services and Mobile Services Provided. Volvo Penta Technician areas of service from the Keys to Port Saint Lucie.


Preventative Objectives!


Millenium Marine Services specializes in Boat preventative and predictive maintenance objectives, such as:

Maximizing equipment life and reliability, clearly communicating actual maintenance expenses, avoiding expense of repairs due to lack of affective maintenance, maximizing equipment life and reliability, documenting maintenance history and equipment conditions.


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Rapid Response

Even after-hours Millenium Marine Services makes it easy to contact a technician or service manager for your emergencies or dockside needs, simply call 786-499-9796 or to schedule a regular service call 561-365-4760, 


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Key West - PSL

Volvo Penta Marine Engines, dockside services provided, Rapid Response!

Millenium Marine Services

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States

Emergency or Dockside call 786-499-9796 OR to schedule call 561-365-4760


Available M-F  8-5:30 (Saturday's 8- Noon)

Emergency Dockside  Services 786-499-9796 or 561-365-4760

We also have Notary services available! Managementmms18@gmail.com

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